Warsash   Maritime   Academy  is  owned  by Southampton Solent   University   and  a such benefits  from  the  
strong  organisational    infrastructure    to   maintain   the  highest standards in the training and  education

Training facilities include:

  • Multi-purpose Simulator
  • Full Mission Bridge Simulator  
  • Fully equipped Fire School and Fire Ground
  • 13-acre manned model lake complete with 7 manned models
  • *Radio Centre
  • Vessel Traffic Simulator
  • Engineering Workshop
  • Pier Head with Lifeboats and Davits
  • Liquid Cargo Operations Simulator
  • Engine Room Simulator
  • Seamanship Centre
  • Lecture facilities

*these facilities are based at their Marchwood site to the west of  Southampton.   

In   addition,  Warsash  Maritime  Academy  utilises  the  excellent  swimming  pool  facility  at  Andark Diving Centre
in Swanwick. This is  used for wet drills on sea survival and offshore courses.

Other facilities at Warsash:

  • Fully  stocked library, as well as the use of Southampton Solent University's main library in Southampton.
  • I.T Suite.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Fully licensed bar.
  • Waterside Restaurant (booking required).
  • Fitness suite with sports hall and full changing facilities (subscription applies).
  • Conference and seminar rooms  

Dear Students from India,

Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK is very happy to be working with  our  representative   in   India,  the
R B Springdale Educational Trust.

Their expertise and first hand knowledge of the UK training schemes  will  be very  useful to you  when considering
how best to further your professional development.

At  Warsash  we  pride  ourselves  on  offering  high  quality training  that  leads  to  excellent pass  rates and  we
will be delighted  to  help  you  gain  the  qualifications  you need to succeed in your career.

Situated  by  the  sea  in  a  very  green and pleasant part of  southern England our campus is conveniently located
not far from   Heathrow  and   Gatwick   airports,  with  London  only about one and a half hours away by train.

When  considering  where to  study  for your  next certificate you  could  do  no better  than  to choose Warsash
Maritime Academy.

I look  forward  to  welcoming you to Warsash in the not too distant future.

Best wishes

Nigel Holloway
Marketing Manager

Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK
For   over  60   years   Warsash   Maritime   
Academy   has provided  first  class   
training,  consultancy  and  research to the
international shipping and  offshore oil

The   Academy   provides   certification   
programmes from cadetship  to  Class1 for
both deck  and  engineer  officers, short   
courses   to develop  skills  such as fire
fighting and sea   survival,   and  continuing  
professional  development modules for more
experienced officers.

Warsash   also  pioneered  the  use  of  
bridge and engine room simulators for  
higher  level  training, and  the  Liquid Cargo
Operations     Simulator,   which    is    the    
most  advanced  of its kind, was developed
in house.

The   manned   model   ship  handling   
training  facility   at Warsash is the only one
in the United Kingdom, and one of very few
in the world.