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Shore and Sailing Jobs
New Zealand
Post Study Work Visa of 12 months in New Zealand: Students who have done a 2nd Engineers or a Chief Mates course
may be eligible for 12 months stay in New Zealand after successful course completion. This visa gives you up to 12
months to get a job in a field related to your studies. While you are looking for a job in your field you are allowed to work
in any job to support yourself.

If you are doing a course in New Zealand (Chief Mates, 2nd & Chief Engineer, Class 4 CoC) or you are in New Zealand
under the PSW scheme (post study work), you are encouraged to apply for the above jobs. Having a New Zealand CoC
will also help.

Many of the above jobs will ask for one of the following conditions:

  • New Zealand residency
  • Work rights in New Zealand

If you apply for the above jobs from India, it is unlikely that you will be called for an interview.

There are 2 ways of approaching the above situation:

  1. If you are not holding a Chief Mates or 2nd Engineers CoC, then you can opt to do the above courses in New
    Zealand. Start applying for these jobs immediately on your course completion as you have post study work rights in
    New Zealand under the new rules applicable from 26 November 2018.
  2. If you are already holding a Masters or Chief Engineers CoC, you can opt for a 12 months PG Diploma (Level 8)
    course in Supply Chain and Logistics Management at NMIT, Nelson, New Zealand. This will allow you a 3 years post
    study work rights in New Zealand. Immediately on completion of your PG Diploma course, you can start applying for
    these jobs.

Please visit the links below for information regarding the post study work rules in New Zealand: