Warsash Maritime Academy, UK.
An English language test has become mandatory for all students going to UK for higher studies for courses longer than 6
months. All OOW / 2nd Mate students have to appear and clear this test before the college can issue them with a CAS
number which is  required for taking a visa appointment. All Chief Mates students (even if you have done your OOW / 2nd
Mates from UK) also need to appear for the IELTS exam before they can be issued with a CAS number.

From 6th April 2015 only UKVI IELTS test will be approved for UK visas.
Pearson PTE English test results will no longer be accepted for UK Visas. However, if you have done your Pearson PTE
Engish test before 6th April 2015, it will be considered acceptable till 5th November 2015 but not after that.

Also, IELTS tests done before 6th April 2015 will be considered valid till a maximum of 5th November 2015.
The UKVI department have come out with certain administrative changes to the way the IELTS will be conducted after 6th
April 2015 i.e. the complete test will be video recorded. The question papers and marking system pattern remains the same,
it is only the way the test is conducted that has undergone a change. As a result the cost of the UK IELTS test has gone up
and it is now 18,600 Rs/-.

You can book the UKVI IELTS test online by visiting the website
The normal time taken to get the test results is 2 weeks.

IUKVI ELTS test is again of two kinds, IELTS General and IELTS Academic. UKVI IELTS General is easier in comparison to
UKVI IELTS Academic. It is your choice, which test you want to sit for as both IELTS General and IELTS Academic scores are
acceptable to the college and British High Commission.

You may book seats online for UKVI IELTS or may visit IDP / British Council offices for booking a seat. Please visit their
website for more details:



UKVI IELTS exams are jointly conducted by British Council and IDP Australia. Hence, it does not make a difference if you
have booked your exam through British Council or IDP Australia.

UKVI IELTS study material is available at the British Council center's in India. You may also buy UKVI IELTS study guides
from bookstores like Crosswords, etc. Most educational book shops do keep UKVI IELTS study guides. It is not compulsory to
take tuition classes for UKVI IELTS although you may see many paper advertisements regarding UKVI IELTS coaching. Once
you book the UKVI IELTS test online, the study material will be sent by post to you.

UKVI IELTS exams has 4 sections namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Spoken. You will need to score atleast 4 or above  
(out of 9) in each section to be able to apply for the visa. If any sectional score is less than 4, you will have to repeat the test
by paying the UKVI IELTS fees again.

As of now, a score of 4 is acceptable. However, if the British High Commission increases the acceptable score to 5.5 out of 9,
the new scores would become applicable. Hence, it is advisable that you should try to score 5.5 or above to be on the safer
side. If your score is less than 4 in any of the sections, you will have to resit for the UKVI IELTS test.

Once, you have received the hard copy of your UKV IELTS result by post, please scan and email the same to me / college.
Only after receiving the UKVI IELTS result will Warsash Maritime Academy be able to release the CAS (conformation of
acceptance of studies) number which will be required to apply for an appointment for a UK student visa.

If you happen to stay in a remote area where courier services are not good, please give some alternate address for delivery
of your UKVI result. It has happened in the past that the UKVI IELTS results have been sent by normal post (not courier)
because good couriers did not have delivery in remote areas resulting in a delay in receiving your UKVI IELTS result.

Seats for UKVI IELTS have to be booked about 4 weeks in advance (as otherwise seats get filled up and may not be
available) and the results take about 2 weeks to come after the exams. Hence, a total of 6 weeks time is required from
booking the course till the time results reach you. The UKVI IELTS scores are valid for a period of 2 years. Taking the time
factor for UKVI IELTS and visa procedure into consideration, if you are going for the 2nd Mates or Chief Mates course in UK,
you should have atleast 3 months time in hand before the course starting date. Please plan your sign off accordingly to avoid
undue problems and stress because of the time factor involved in sitting for the UKVI IELTS exam, getting the CAS number
from college, taking a visa appointment and the visa processing period. As the UKVI IELTS scores are usually valid for a
period of 2 years, hence it possible you can do your UKVI IELTS test much in advance of your course joining date also.

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