Australian Maritime College
University of Tasmania, Australia
Class 2 / Class 1 Engineer Course (Bachelors in Applied Science - Marine Engineering)

Eligibility Requirements:

The eligibility requirements for the 2nd & Chief Engineers course are the following:

  • Hold an Engineering Watch-keeper (Class 4 / Class 5 / MEC 3) CoC
  • Atleast 12 months of sea service on ships > 750 KW whilst holding an Engineering Watch-keeper CoC, of which 9
    months was on ships using propulsion of the kind to which the certificate relates.

Please click here for:

If you already hold a 2nd Engineers CoC (for e.g. from India, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, etc.), you will have to redo the 9
months of academic course in Australia and then only can you appear for the AMSA Chief Engineers orals.

It is advisable but not mandatory to have applied and received your AMSA eligibility before your travel to Australia. AMSA
eligibility form AMSA 419 and guidelines to fill the AMSA 419 form links are provided below:

Documents that you will need to send to AMSA, Australia to apply for Eligibility are as given below:

  • AMSA 419 Form printout (8 pages) - Black & White printout is acceptable.
  • 1 Photograph (as per the details given on the AMSA 419 guidelines for overseas applications)
  • Passport - 1st and last page (notarised copies)
  • CDC - 1st page and sea service pages (notarised copies)
  • Company Sea Service Letter (click to view sample format) on the company letterhead - ORIGINALS ONLY
  • Chief Engineer testimonials of minimum of 12 months after your Class 4 Mates CoC (notarised copies)
  • Class 4 CoC (notarised copy)
  • STCW basic courses - PST + PSSR + FPFF + EFA (notarised copies)
  • Demand Draft in favour of Australian Maritime and Safety Authority (check amount on AMSA 419 Form)

You do not need to send any medical certificate to apply for AMSA eligibility at this stage.
You can get your documents notarised by any lawyer.
All the above documents are to be sent by courier to the address give in the AMSA 419 guide for overseas students.
The normal processing time for AMSA eligibility is 4 - 6 weeks.
If you face any difficulty in making the Demand Draft in Australian $, please give me a call back at 09892725375.

AMSA Contact Details:

Tel: +61 26279 5000
Email: &

Courier Address:

Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Shipping Qualifications
82 Northbourne Avenue
Braddon, ACT 2612, Australia
Tel: +61 26279 5000

Course starting Dates & Duration:

4 February 2019 ; 15 June 2019

Course duration is 9 months.

Course Booking Procedure:

Please email the scanned copies of the below mentioned documents for booking a seat in the college.

  • Course Booking Form
  • Passport - 1st and last page
  • CDC - sea service stamp pages after your Class 4 CoC
  • CoC - All relevant pages
  • STCW basic courses - PST + PSSR + FPFF + EFA
  • Highest academic qualification certificate for e.g. Class XII  or Diploma / Degree.

Seats are allotted on a first come first served basis. Hence, it is always advisable to apply early.

AMC will issue you with a Conditional Offer Letter in about 3 weeks time. The conditions that you will need to fulfill would be
the following:

  • IELTS Academic English Test - Average 6 band with no score less than 5.5 (You can book this test by visiting the
    website The fee for the test is 12,500 Rs/-). Alternatively, you can also sit for the Pearson PTE
    test. The website is The advantage of the Pearson PTE test is that exams are held almost 3
    times in a week and the results come out in 3 - 5 working days. Hence, you have the option of appearing for the test
    multiple times incase you do not clear the exam in the first attempt. The score required in Pearson PTE will be a
    minimum overall score of 50 with no sectional score below 42.
  • Payment of 50% of the course tuition fees. Details of the tuition fee will be mentioned on the conditional offer letter.

Tuition Fees:

Tuition Fees for the course is 26,351 Au$
Please click on the link for Tuition Fees break up for the 2nd Engineers course.

There is normally a 4% increase in tuition fees every year to take into account inflationary costs.
You can apply for educational loan for paying your tuition fees & living expenses.

Successful course completion will lead to the award of a Bachelors Degree in Marine Engineering from the University of
Tasmania along with a CoC from AMSA, Australia.

Please visit the link for details of the
Bachelor in Marine Engineering - 2nd & Chief Engineers Course

Educational Loan:

If you wish to apply for an educational loan, the bank will ask for the following documents:

  • College Admission Letter - This will be issued to you by the college once you have submitted all the documents. The
    tuition fees structure will be mentioned in the college admission letter.
  • Living Expenses: You need to submit details of living expenses as required by the visa authorities. Please take a
    printout of the page on opening the link:                                                                                                                            

Please let us know if you wish to apply for an education loan. We shall ask the concerned person to get in touch with you.

STCW Courses & Tanker Courses:

AMSA does not accept the STCW advanced courses and Tanker Courses from India. Hence, the following courses will have
to be redone in Australia.

  • Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)
  • Medical First Aid (MFA)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (PSC&RB)
  • Tanker Safety Courses (Oil, Chemical and Gas)

The tuition fees of 26,351 Au$ includes the cost of the above courses.

Total Cost:

Expected total cost of your academic tuition fees, food & accommodation, flight ticket and visa charges on a conservative
living estimate will be about 18 Lakhs approximately. Living expenses on a conservative estimate has been taken at 35,000
Rs/- per month.

Australian student visa:

The visa processing time is 4weeks normally
The length of the visa that you will get is for about 12 - 14 months.
The funds that you need to show for the Australian visa will be about 28 Lakhs inclusive of your travel expenses.
If your wife is to accompany you, then you need to show an additional 7 Lakhs for her travel and living expenses.
Both student and spouse will apply for visa together.
The visa cost is approximately about 27,500 Rs/- (550 Au$) per person.

  • You are allowed to work in Australia  after your course starting date.
  • During vacation time, you can work unlimited hours whilst during term time you can work upto 40 hours every 2 weeks.
  • The minimum wage rate in Australia is 18 Aus$ per hour i.e. about 900 Rs/- per hour.
  • Your spouse can work 40 hours every fortnight during her stay in Australia.

From the feedback received from ex-students, a student can hope to earn an average of 7 Lakhs INR annually by working
during his studies. Some students may earn more whilst some may recover less depending upon the hours you have
worked and the wages you have earned. Your spouse will earn around 8 Lakhs annually during her stay in Australia.

Approximate net expense for student and spouse under different conditions are given below:

  • Total expense for student is approximately 19 Lakhs INR if he does not do part time work in Australia.
  • Total expense for student is approximately 12 Lakhs INR if student is working part time in Australia.
  • Total expense for student and wife is approximately 23 Lakhs INR if none of them work in Australia.
  • Total expense for student and wife is approximately 8 Lakhs INR if both of them work in Australia.

The visa process is totally online now i.e. you do not need to travel to the visa office for submission of documents. The visa
application form has to be filled online, all supporting documents have to be scanned and uploaded online whilst the visa
fees has to be paid with a credit card or international debit card. We will assist you with the full visa application process.

For details of the student visa application process for Australia, please visit the link below:


Kunal Anshuman,   
Springdale India
Tel: +91 - 98927 25375                                
Address: Office No. 529, Mastermind 4, Royal Palms, Aarey Colony, Goregaon E, Mumbai – 400 065

Note: To reach our office, take autorickshaw from Goregaon (E) station. It will cost you about 70 Rs/- and the distance is 3.0
kms from station. It should take you about 20 minutes to reach our office in normal traffic conditions from the station.
Alternatively, take Bus No. 452 from Goregaon (E) station and get down at the last bus stop i.e. Mayur Nagar. The office is
about 10 minutes walk from the Mayur Nagar bus stop. If you are coming from Powai direction, it will take you about 30
minutes to reach our office by auto rickshaw and the fare will be about 150 Rs approximately.

Please call before you plan to come to the office so that we can schedule a mutually convenient date and time.


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