WMA Class 4 Course For Graduate Mechanical Engineers

Warsash Maritime Academy, UK.

EOOW (Class 4 FG) Course for Graduate Mechanical / Marine Engineers

Note: Indian Training Record Books (TRB) are not accepted in the UK. If you wish to give your EOOW (earlier called as Class 4 CoC) exams in the UK, you have to compulsorily sail with a UK TRB.

  • GME Students: If you are doing your GME course in India, you can apply and receive your UK MNTB TRB whilst you are doing your GME course. This is possible because you only need your BE Mechanical passing certificate for applying for your UK TRB and not your GME passing certificate.
  • BE Marine Students: You need to get your BE Marine degree passing certificate before you can apply for a UK TRB.

The processing time required for getting your UK MNTB TRB is about 2 months approximately.

Cost: The total cost of doing your Class 4 CoC in UK will be about ? 11,500 (approx. 12 Lakhs INR if ?= 105 INR). This includes your tuition fees, food, accommodation, flight tickets, visa charges and MCA, UK approved courses i.e. AFF + MFA + PSCRB + HELM and High Voltage. You may use your own / parents funds or you can apply for an educational loan from a bank.

Duration: The duration of stay in the UK will be about 5 months approximately. Over the last 10 years we have seen that students holding a BE Mechanical + GME or BE Marine qualification have been able to clear Class 4 written and oral exams and return with their CoC within a 5 – 6 months duration.

Please note that Indian TRB’s are not accepted in the UK. Hence, if you wish to give your exams in the UK, you should have obtained your UK TRB before you join ship as a TME. If you have already completed 9 months of sea service (it is not 6 months of sea service but 9 months) with you Indian TRB, then it would not be possible to go to the UK for your Class 4 CoC exams. You can however give your Class 4 exams in New Zealand in such a situation and later return to Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK for your 2nd and Chief Engineer CoC exams.

For information regarding the Class 4 CoC exams in New Zealand, please visit the link below http://www.springdaleindia.com/NZ_MEC3.html

Course Title:

Engineer Officer of the Watch (earlier called as Class 4 course)


If a student is able to clear all his written and oral examinations in time as well as his workshop training skills prorgramme, he can hope to be back with his CoC in 5 – 6 months time. MCA oral exams can be given at any time during your stay in the UK after having received your Notice of Eligibility (NoE). IAMI written exams are held 5 times in a year whilst the workshop training duration is of 15 weeks. It takes 2 weeks to apply and get your CoC after having cleared your MCA orals, IAMI written and workshop exams.

Course Starting Date

23rd August ? distance learning; 25th October campus workshop skills.
6th December ? distance learning; 21st February campus workshop skills.
28th March ? distance learning; 30th May campus workshop skills.


Graduate Mechanical / Marine Engineers having completed sea service of atleast 9 months on vessels with engine power > 750 KW whilst completing the UK MNTB TRB would be eligible for this course.

Admission Procedure

The following is the procedure to be followed by Graduate Mechanical / Marine Engineers & GME students:

1. Applying for a Letter of Comparability (LoC) from NARIC, UK:

As a graduate Mechanical / Marine engineer or GME student you will need to send your documents to NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom) for getting a Letter of Comparability from them. The time duration to receive a Letter of Comparability would be 1 month approximately. Please do visit the NARIC wbsite www.naric.org.uk. You have to fill up the Online Application Form on the NARIC website and make the requisite payment of approx. 51 GBP as mentioned on the NARIC website, preferably through a credit card. The documents you to need to upload, attach and send to NARIC online are as given below:

  • BE / BTech degree (Mechanical or Marine) passing certificate
  • Individual semester / yearly mark-sheets (photocopy only)
Payment of approx. 51 GBP has to be done on NARIC website using a credit card. If you do not have a credit card of your own, you can use that of your parents, relatives or friends as well.

Kindly note that UK NARIC will send your LoC by normal post which will take about 1 – 2 weeks time (included in the total time of 30 days mentioned above) after the processing is complete as mentioned on the UK NARIC website. If you reside in a remote location in India, it is advisable that you give the returning address of someone in Mumbai preferably. From past experiences we have seen that many students residing in remote areas or tier B cities in India did not receive the post sent by UK NARIC as it is delivered in India by the India post office whose services are not very reliable. If you wish, you may give our Mumbai address as the returning address for your NARIC LOC.

A sample NARIC LoC is enclosed here. Click NARIC Page 1 and NARIC Page 2
The NARIC LoC will be of two pages as shown in the links above.

2. Apply for your MNTB Training Record Book from Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK:

After you have received the NARIC LoC, please email scanned copies of the documents mentioned below to apply for your MNTB Training Record Book from Warsash Maritime Academy:

  • Passport first and last page
  • CDC first page only (which has your Photo and CDC number on it)
  • STCW Basic Courses (PST + PSSR + FPFF + EFA)
  • UK NARIC Letter of Comparability (LoC) photocopy
  • Degree passing certificate photocopy
  • Valid Medical Fitness Certificate (ILO 147) Format from any DG Shipping approved doctor
  • Electronic bank transfer of 200 GBP to the college.
We will assist you with making the online payment to the University.

All above documents are to be emailed to: kunal.anshuman@springdaleindia.com You can expect your MNTB TRB in about 3 weeks time after the documents and payment have been sent to the college. The TRB will be posted by the college to our address in Mumbai and we shall courier the same to your address.

The MNTB Training Record Book has tasks which are to be completed on board ship during your sea service as a TRAINEE MARINE ENGINEER. This record book will be later assessed by the MCA when you return to Warsash Maritime Academy for your workshop training, written and oral examinations.

3. Join ship to complete your required sea time for EOOW exams:

After receiving your MNTB Training Record Book from Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK, you will ned to sail for a minimum of 9 months on vessels > 750 KW. Prior to your joining ship, we will guide you regarding how to fill up the UK MNTB Training Record Book. If you have already joined ship, the MNTB TRB will be sent by courier to your shipping company and they can send it to you on the ship. The 9 months sea time can be completed in 1 or 2 ships. The sea time of 9 months done only after the issue date of the MNTB TRB will be accepted towards your Class 4 exams in the UK.

4. Confirm your admission at Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK:

You will need to make a payment by electronic bank transfer of 1,000 GBP to reserve a seat for yourself in the college. This deposit will be deducted against your tuition fees, the balance of which you will pay on joining the college in UK. If you wish, you can book a seat whilst you are applying for your MNTB Training Record Book by making a combined payment of 200 GBP + 1,000 GBP.

5. Join Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK:

You will complete the following courses and exams in UK to obtain your Class 4 CoC:

  • 15 weeks of workshop training course.
  • 1 MCA oral examination which can be given before or after the written exams.
  • Written exams of EK General, EK Motor, EK Control, Science A and Science B

As a graduate engineer, it is expected that you should be able to clear all of the above exams in the first attempt itself and come back with your CoC in about 5 – 6 months duration.

STCW Short Course Details:

The following short courses need to be completed by the students from India, preferably before going to the UK:

  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Medical First Aid
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Craft
  • HELM (O)
  • High Voltage (O)
If for some reason, the student is not able to complete these courses prior to going to UK, he can come back from the UK, finish the short courses, send the certificates to MCA UK and the MCA will post the CoC to the student.

Cost Of Living In Southampton

The approximate living cost is as given below but it will vary from person to person:

  • Accommodation rent: ? 220 ? 260 / month / person in a non-sharing room
  • Accommodation rent: ? 160 ? 200 / month / person in a room shared by 2 students
  • Food (home cooked): ? 40 ? 50 / month / person
  • Electricity and heating bills: ? 10 ? 20 / month / person

Education Loans

Most banks in India do not understand what is a CoC course and hence you will find resistance in their giving you an education loans citing various objections as mentioned below:

  • This is not a Degree / Diploma course
  • The course is not approved by DG Shipping, India (the course is approved by MCA, UK)
  • The course duration is less than 12 months
  • You are not a student as you are already working
We will provide you with scanned copies of loan sanction letters of past students for the same course in the same college. It may be of help to you in convincing your bank to give you an education loan.
If you are from Mumbai, we can give you contacts of bank personnel whom you can approach for educational loans.

Flight Tickets:

The flight fares vary considerably depending upon which time of the year you are flying and how early are you booking the tickets. For e.g., a one way fare from Mumbai to London will vary from 22,000 ? 30,000 Rs/- whilst a return fare i.e. Mumbai ? London ? Mumbai will vary from 45,000 ? 60,000 Rs/-. You may book your flight tickets online through websites like Yatra. com, makemytrip.com, etc. or through a local travel agent. The UK destination airport will be London Heathrow. We will introduce you to the other students who will be going with you to Southampton so that you do not have to travel alone.

How To Reach Southampton:

There are direct / indirect flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Cohin to London. On arrival at the London Heathrow airport, you will have to go through immigration check up which may take about 1 ? 2 hours depending upon the rush at the airport. Joining the London Heathrow Airport is the National Express Coach station / bus stop. You can buy the bus ticket at the bus stop and the fare is approximately ?25 for a one way trip. The journey duration from London Heathrow airport to Southampton is about 90 minutes and there is a bus leaving every 45 minutes on an average. If you happen to arrive at London airport after 9 PM, it is advisable to stay back at the airport in the night and take the early morning bus to Southampton. You will find many tourists / students staying overnight at the London airport and taking the morning coach to their respective destination. You will not be charged for staying during the night at the airport but you will have to make do with a chair only or maybe sit on the floor with your luggage. On reaching Southampton bus stop, you will take a taxi to your landlord?s house or to a hotel. As the bus stop is located in the heart of the city of Southampton, your taxi fare will not be more than ?5.


The following are the different ways, you can get a house in Southampton.

  • 2 weeks prior to your leaving for Southampton, we will give you telephone numbers of the landlords who rent out their houses in Southampton. You can call them and express your interest in taking their house on rent. The house can?t be finalized over the phone as an agreement will be signed between the landlord and the tenant. Moreover, the landlord must find you to be acceptable to him and you also need to see the house before you confirm the house.
  • Students from previous batch usually have some rooms vacant and they email us to pass on their details to the new students who will be coming. We shall pass on their details to you so that you can get in touch with them.
  • Some students decide to rent a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) for one day on their arrival in Southampton. They then see a few houses and decide which one to take.
On signing the contract with the landlord, you will have to pay one month?s of rent as security deposit as well as the rent in advance for that month. Please ensure that you keep a copy of your contract safely with you and insist that the rent will be paid by cheques only. Ask the landlord for a copy of rent receipt as well for your safety. Most contract?s come with a one month notice period which means that you will have to give one month?s notice before vacating or else you may lose your deposit money. At the time of returning the deposit money, the landlord may make deductions for any damage that the tenant may have done to the property.
Most of the houses are usually fully furnished i.e. you will have a bed, mattress, wardrobe, study table, curtains, gas stove, washing machine, refrigerator, etc. A TV may be there but you will have to pay for the cable connection. The houses are usually 3 ? 4 bedroom + hall + kitchen. The bathroom and kitchen are usually shared between the student?s whilst each student has an independent room for himself. Student?s usually do their own cooking as eating outside is very expensive in the UK. You will have to buy your own utensils as they are not provided for by the landlord.

Visa Procedures

The visa rules keep on changing very frequently. Hence, the rules that are valid today may not be the same in the future. We will assist you with the visa procedure. Please take note the following:

  • Your passport should be valid for atleast 6 months after the course commencement date at the time of visa application.
  • There should be atleast 3 blank pages in your passport out of which there should be 2 back to back blank page.
  • You need to show about ? 13,000 funds for your visa after booking a seat in the University. This can be shown as cash in your bank account, educational loan or a mix of the above.
Your parents can also show funds on your behalf. You will need to submit your parents source of income.

The visa processing time is 3 weeks normally. There is also a Fast Track Visa application system wherein by paying 230 GBP extra over and above the visa fees, students can receive their visas in 5 working days. This is helpful for students who are applying for their visas very late.

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