MBA Maritime and Logistics Management

MBA (Advanced) Maritime and Logistics Management

University of Tasmania, Australia.

Course duration:

  • 2 years

Course start date:

  • February and July every year (at Launceston, Tasmania)

Tuition Fees:

  • Au$ 72,141 for 2 years (approx. INR 41 Lakhs at 1 AU$ = INR 57)

Eligibility requirements:

  • Masters or Chief Engineer CoC.
  • Graduation in a relevant discipline with 2 years of related work experience
  • Chief Mates CoC with Chief Mates in-rank experience are also encouraged to apply. Decision on admission will be taken on an individual case basis for such applicants by the course in-charge.

English requirements:

  • IELTS Academic score of 6 overall with no sectional score below 5.5
  • Equivalent PTE Academic scores are also acceptable.

Admission Procedure:

Please whatsapp (+91-9892725375) or E-mail ( the following scanned documents as clear independent PDF files. You can download the CAMSCANNER app on your mobile to make PDF copies of your documents.

  • Passport front page and address page.
  • CDC front page and sea-time pages after your first CoC
  • Highest CoC ? all relevant pages
  • Statement of Purpose (SoP) ? approximately 3 pages.
  • Class X, XII, graduation, etc., passing certificates.
  • Resume
  • IELTS or other equivalent English test result.

IELTS can be submitted later to the University once you have received the conditional offer letter. It takes about 3 weeks for the University to process your application and give a decision on your admission once all documents have been submitted.

Course Content:

Compulsory Units

Students have a choice of coursework (completing twelve coursework units, including compulsory units listed below) or a Dissertation option. Students wanting to undertake the Dissertation option need to meet with the Course Co-ordinator prior to enrolment to discuss a suitable research topic and for the appointment of a research supervisor.

  • JNB517 Management
  • JNB518 Finance for Decision-Making
  • JNB522 Business Logistics

Plus one of the following:

  • JNB516 Port Management and Strategy
  • JNB520 Maritime Law
  • JNB521 Maritime Economics for Managers
  • JNB526 International Maritime Policy

Optional Course Units

  • JNB508 Research Methods
  • JNB512 International Trade
  • JNB513 International Human Resource Management
  • JNB515 Knowledge Management
  • JNB520 Maritime Law
  • JNB521 Maritime Economics for Managers
  • JNB514 Transformational Leadership
  • JNB516 Port Management and Strategy
  • JNB519 Strategic Management
  • JNB524 Supply Chain Management
  • JNB526 International Maritime Policy
  • JNB534 Commercial Ship Management
  • JNB728 Industry Research Project

Or 2 approved postgraduate level elective units approved by the Course Co-ordinator.

Dissertation Option

Candidates must select thirteen postgraduate coursework units (including JNB508 Research Methods) plus a dissertation of approximately 20,000-25,000 words which is equivalent to three (3) units as listed below. Enrolment in the dissertation units must be undertaken over two semesters as a minimum. In addition, students must have completed JNB508 prior to enrolling in the dissertation units.


  • JNB718 Dissertation Part 1/3
  • JNB721 Dissertation Part 2/3
  • JNB722 Dissertation Part 3/3

Future Job Prospects:

The organisations connected with the maritime and logistics industries are very diverse, including for instance large private companies, entrepreneurial start-ups and government entities. The diversity creates many opportunities for your career progression, both globally and domestically. For example, the maritime industry includes ports, shipping companies, stevedores and tourism and the logistics industry encompasses warehousing, road freight, air freight, freight forwarding and distribution. Additionally, many organisations may have a primary focus on manufacturing or international business, which will necessitate that they have internal departments involved in logistics, supply chain management and international trade, creating more opportunities. With logistics the fastest growing industry globally, there are many possibilities for you to choose.

You can Google: maritime and logistics jobs in Australia to get a fair idea of the jobs available. This will give you a fair idea of the skillset which employers are looking for and the kind of salaries that one can expect.

Total Cost: (tuition fees + travel + living expenses over a 2 year period)

  • Tuition Fees ? Au$ 72,142
  • Health Insurance ? Au$ 1,600
  • Flight ticket (one way) ? Au$ 1,200
  • Visa Fees ? AU$ 600
  • Living expenses @ Au$ 800 per month for 24 months ? Au$ 19,200
  • Miscellaneous Expenses Au$ 2,000
  • Total = Au$ 97,742. At 1 Au$ = INR 57, total cost in INR = 56 Lakhs.

If your spouse is also accompanying you, then additional costs will be as given below:


  • Health Insurance ? Au$ 3,800 (as family health cover is much higher)
  • Flight ticket (one way) ? Au$ 1,200
  • Visa Fees ? AU$ 600
  • Additional Living expenses @ Au$ 400 monthly for 2 years ? Au$ 9,600
  • Total = Au$ 15,200. At 1 Au$ = INR 57, total cost in INR = 8.70 Lakhs.
  • Total expense for student + spouse ? Au$ 112,942 = INR 65 Lakhs.

Part Time work in Australia:

The minimum wage rate in Australia is Au$ 20 per hour i.e. 1,140 INR per hour if we take a Au$ = 57 INR. Students can work 40 hours every 15 days during term time and full-time during holidays. Spouses can work full time if the student applicant is doing post-graduate study.

Student: A student can earn an average of Au$ 1,600 by working 20 hours per week at the minimum pay rate of Au$ 20 per hour. Over a 24 months visa, he would earn Au$ 38,400 (approx. 22 Lakhs INR). He may not work for some months but that will get compensated by full time work during holidays like Christmas vacation.

Spouse – The spouse can earn an average of Au$ 4,000 by working 50 hours per week at the minimum pay rate of Au$ 20 per hour. Over a 24 months visa, spouse will earn Au$ 96,000 (approx. 54 Lakhs INR). A 10% tax deduction will leave the spouse with approximately Au$ 86,000 (48 Lakhs INR). If she works on weekends, the salary is higher than the minimum pay but we are not taking that into account for ease of calculation.


Approximate net expense for student and spouse under different conditions are given below:


  • Total expense for student is approximately Au$ 97,742 (56 Lakhs INR if 1 AU$ = 57 INR) if he does not work part-time in Australia.
  • Total expense for student is approximately Au$ 59,343 (34 Lakhs INR if 1 Au$ = 57 INR) if he works part-time in Australia.
  • Total expense for student and wife is approximately Au$ 112,942 (65 Lakhs INR if 1 Au$ = 57 INR) if none of them work part-time in Australia.
  • Total expense for student and wife is ZERO. Infact there will be a surplus savings of about Au$ 10,000.

Visa Procedure:

We will assist you with the visa procedure. The visa procedure is totally online now and the processing time is about 3 ? 4 weeks normally.

The length of the visa that you will get is for about 27 months.


The funds that you need to show for your visa will be as given below:


  • Tuition fees for 1st year of study: Au$ 36,070
  • Health insurance: Au$ 1,600 (single) or Au$ 5,300 (couple)
  • Living cost for student: Au$ 21,041
  • Living cost for spouse: Au$ 7,362
  • Living cost for children (if any): Au$ 3,152 (per child)
  • School cost for school going children (if any): Au$ 8,296
  • Total travel cost (per person): Au$ 2,000

For a single student applicant, the total show money for visa is Au$ 60,711 which at 1 Au$ = INR 57 is 34.60 Lakhs.

For a couple applicant, the total show money for visa is Au$ 73,773 which at 1 Au$ = INR 57 is 42 Lakhs.

The funds for visa can be shown as cash in bank account, fixed deposit, education loan, loan against property, home loan top up, loan against insurance policies, etc. Any sudden reflection of large sum of money in the bank account has to be explained. The best option is to go for an educational loan. You can also be sponsored by your parents and siblings for your studies in Australia.

Post Study Work Visa (PSW):

  • Successful applicants will be able to stay and work in Australia for upto 2 ? 4 years after course completions depending upon their location.
  • Your spouse will also be allowed to take up full time employment during your studies as well as during your PSW visa.

Australia Skilled Migration (points calculator):

Skilled professionals can migrate to Australia based on their skill sets, educational qualifications and work experience. With the general skilled migration self-assessment test, an individual can evaluate his/her chances for Australian immigration.

Individuals will score high if they are aged under 40, have English IELTS core of 7 or 8 bands, have studied in a regional area in Australia (for e.g. Tasmania), have 1 or more years of work experience in Australia and are state sponsored.

Candidates scoring a minimum of 65 points would be considered eligible by DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), an organization responsible for immigration.

You can do a points calculation from the link below:

If you wish to apply for the above course, please do revert back.

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