Masters in Applied Management

Master of Applied Management (Level 9)

NMIT, Nelson, New Zealand

Course duration:

  • 15 months

Course start date:

  • Multiple intakes per year.

Tuition Fees:

  • NZ$ 30,000. Fees goes up by 4% on an average every year.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Bachelor?s degree or equivalent. Master Mariner with a UK or India CoC can obtain a bachelor?s equivalent from University of Mumbai which would be considered acceptable by the college.
  • IELTS Academic of 6.5 band overall with no sectional score below 6

Course specialisation available:

Take specific courses to major in one of the following specific areas:


  • Applied Management
  • International Business
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Health Care Management
  • Aquaculture Management


Nelson, New Zealand. Nelson is located at the top of South Island. It is about 90 minutes flight from Auckland or 30 minutes flight from the capital city of Wellington.

Hours of study:

4 hours, twice a week i.e. total of 8 hours per week. Class timings are 9 AM ? 1 PM or 2 PM ? 6 PM, Monday to Friday. Total of 6 terms whilst each term is of 2 months and consists of 2 courses.

Potential jobs after graduation include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Project Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Researcher
  • Trainer

Admissions Procedure:

The following documents would be required for seat booking:


  • College Application Form
  • Statement of Purpose (SoP)
  • Passport front page and address page
  • Academic qualification (X, XII, Graduation, CoC)
  • Work Experience Certificates
  • Updated CV

We will Whatsapp the college application form, SoP blank form and course fact-sheet to you.

Please make 6 independent PDF files for each set of documents i.e. college form, SoP, passport, academic qualification, work experience certificate and resume. You can then email them at or Whatsapp at +91-9892725375. You may use CAMSCANNER app on your smartphone to make PDF files. To reduce the PDF file sizes if required for sending on email / whatsapp, you can use the website

College will take about 3 weeks to issue the conditional offer letter. The unconditional offer letter (also called as visa letter) will be issued after you clear your IELTS or Pearson PTE Academic English test. The IELTS Academic score required is overall score of 6.5 with no sectional score below 6. IELTS scores are valid for a period of 2 years. You can book your English test on the websites given below.

Visa Procedure:

The funds to show for New Zealand visa are as given below:


  • Tuition Fees of NZ$ 30,000
  • Travel Expenses to NZ of NZ$ 2,000
  • Living Expenses for 15 months is NZ$ 18,750. It is calculated at NZ$ 1,250 per month multiplied by the length of the course.

Total funds for visa if we add up the above would be NZ$ 50,750. At 1 NZ$ = 52 INR, the show money for visa is INR 26.50 Lakhs.

Money can be shown as cash savings in bank account, fixed deposits or bank loan (educational loan, personal loan, home loan top-up, loan against property & loan against insurance policies). Gold loan is not accepted for visa purpose. You can also show money of your parents and own brother / sister (not of uncle / aunts / cousin, etc, as that may not be accepted by the visa officer). Parents and siblings will need to show their source of income through salary slips, income tax returns, pension documents, etc. Any unaccounted money or sudden reflection of large money inconsistent with your past records will likely lead to a visa refusal. Any gaps that you may have between studies, employment, etc, also needs to be explained with documentary evidence as they are potential visa refusal reasons.

If your spouse wishes to accompany you, she will need to show NZ$ 2,000 for travel expenses and NZ$ 4,200 for living expenses. As you are studying a Level 9 course, spouse can work full time during your 15 months of study and also during the 3 years of post-study work visa.

We will assist you with your student and spouse visa applications.

Expenses in New Zealand:

  • Fees = NZ$ 30,000
  • Flight ticket and visa charges = NZ$ 2,000
  • Food & Accommodation charges = NZ$ 650 per month on a conservative budget if travelling alone. If living with family, expenses will be about NZ$ 1,300 ? 1,400 per month.

The total cost to complete the course if travelling alone will be NZ$ 42,000 (approx. 22 Lakhs INR if 1 NZ$ = 52 INR) and NZ$ 58,000 (approx. 30 Lakhs INR if 1 NZ$ = 52 INR) if going with family.

Working part-time / full-time in New Zealand:


You will be allowed to work part-time in NZ during course period and full time during vacations like Christmas. The minimum pay rate in NZ is Z$ 19 per hour and you can work upto 20 hours per week part-time. By working 20 hours per week part-time in NZ at the minimum pay of NZ$ 19 per hour, you will earn about NZ$ 1,520 per month (approx. INR 80,000). Assuming you work for 14 months out of your 15 months course duration in NZ, you will earn NZ$ 21,280 (approx. INR 11 Lakhs). Out of your total expense of INR 22 Lakhs if travelling alone, you will get to recover half of your total cost. So net expense to cover your complete your course will be about INR 11 Lakhs. If your wife is working full-time (say 50 hours per week) at the minimum pay of NZ$ 19 per hour, she will earn 50x4x19 = NZ$ 3,800 per month (approx. INR 2 Lakhs). Over a 14 month?s period, she will earn around 28 Lakhs INR. As she has earned INR 28 Lakhs and you as a student have earned INR 11 Lakhs, your total earnings is INR 39 Lakhs. Total expense of going with family is 30 Lakhs. Even discounting the income tax that you would have paid at the minimum hourly salary, you would have still recovered your full cost of education and stay in New Zealand for the 15 months duration.

Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa:

You should apply for your 3 years PSW visa after you have successfully passed the Level 9 course. The PSW visa can be applied online and you will need the following documents for that:


  • Identity documents (passport + photo)
  • Medical (chest X ray + medical exam in NZ)
  • Character certificate (from local NZ police station)
  • NZ qualification pass certificate
  • NZ$ 4,200 funds available in your bank account

Apply no later than 3 months after your student visa has expired. You can and should apply for your PSW visa from NZ itself in which case you will be issued with an interim visa to stay in NZ lawfully till your NZ visa comes. The cost of PSW visa processing as of date is NZ$ 495.

After obtaining a PSW visa, you can then look at applying for PR (permanent residency) after you have got a skilled job in New Zealand. Once you have obtained your PSW, you should contact a Licensed Immigration Advisor (LIA) as only an LIA is authorised to guide you with the migration process. The LIA will guide you on which jobs can help you to obtain the necessary points for PR and which jobs will not get you the necessary points. Check the ANZSCO (Australia and New Zealand standard classification of occupation) list to see that which code best matches your current job or job offer.

Check the self-assessment form on Immigration New Zealand website:

A Google search will show that if you are able to score 160 points, you have a fair chance of qualifying for permanent residency under skilled migrant category.

A seafarer, 35 years of age, who does the Level 9 Master?s in Applied Management course at NMIT will likely get the following points as per the Immigration NZ weblink self-assessment form once he has a skilled job in NZ:

  • Skilled employment ? 50 points
  • One year skilled work experience in NZ ? 10 points (assuming you apply after gaining 1 year of work exp. In NZ)
  • Level 9 qualification ? 70 points
  • One year of full time study in NZ ? 10 points
  • Age ? 30 points

Total score is 170 points as per

If your skilled job happens to be outside of Auckland, you get an additional 30 points. There are points for spouse Level 7 – 9 qualification, your previous skilled work experience, etc, but we have discounted all that. Just the bare minimum points that you get for age, 15 months study at Level 9 in NZ and 1 year skilled job experience in NZ has been taken into account.

Kindly note that although a rough points calculation can be done by anybody on the NZ immigration website self-assessment form, you will need to file your permanent residency application through a NZ LIA only. The LIA will check whether you genuinely qualify for the points or not that you are claiming for yourself by looking at your supporting documents.

We look after admissions & visas only. We are not a NZ govt. authorised LIA.

At the opportune time, we will introduce you to NZ govt. approved LIA?s who will help you with your PR documentation work.

If you wish to apply for the above course at NMIT, please do revert back to us.

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